Curriculum Guide

Deeply grounded in a rich historical backdrop, this book allows teachers in the fields of social studies and language arts to create interdisciplinary units around Egypt, Egyptology, writing, and the Ancient World.  Below is a curriculum guide, which includes a packet on art in Ancient Egypt, reading questions for the novel, a glossary, timeline, map, as well as four book related activities for the whole class. Below I've also included a series of links, articles, and research that I found useful in writing the book.  These are great places to learn a little more bit about some of the topics mentioned in the "Time Keepers" series.  Enjoy!  

Teacher's Curriculum Guide

The Michigan Relics

Newspaper Article on the Discovery of Tut's Tomb

The Chapin House in Niles

The Underground Railroad in Michigan

Akhenaten and Amarna

Pharaohs of the Sun @ National Geographic

The Benben Stone

Amarna Project