The Tree Meditation

This is the first meditation in a series that is intended to help students and teachers reconnect to a more authentic, enlightened version of themselves. I would recommend starting with this simple but powerful grounding meditation. It can be used at the start of a day, the end of a week, or whenever you feel like you need to let go of unwanted emotions and energies. By letting go of the old we are able to make space for new and more creative forces in our life, a very simple but transformative practice.

The Whale Meditation

Legend says that whales once walked the earth, but when the land masses began to sink all of the knowledge of the world was locked into their memory banks. Through this meditation you will be able to tap into those memories as well as your own inner wisdom. Let these beautiful creatures guide you back to a place of warmth, joy, and abundance within the depths of your heart.

The Forest Meditation

This is the forest meditation. It is a tool for clearing unwanted fears or worries and reconnecting to the healing power of the earth.