Big Breath: A guided meditation for kids.

“A wonderful read-aloud meditation for the beginner—or the practitioner of beginner’s mind—of any age.” Kirkus Starred Review

A Guided Meditation for Kids

What parent doesn’t want to give their kids tools to comfort themselves in the midst of a rough day or to wind down before bed? The author of Big Breath sought to translate his experience of meditation helping him staying calm in the midst of overwhelm, learning to let go of thoughts that turned and churned in his head, and access the bravery and resilience in his core in a way that would empower kids. Here, with illustrator Brittany Jacobs, author William Meyer has done just that. Meyer’s simple gentle prompts, alongside Jacobs’ sweet illustrations, make meditation as appealing as a game. As kids close their eyes and find “a comfy spot,” they are guided to stretch out and relax their bodies and to feel and picture their breath. Ocean waves? The wind before a storm? Can they picture their thoughts? Big or small, loud or quiet? Subsequent guidance allows kids to play with, rather than be controlled, by their thoughts. They learn to handle their worries, calm their fears, and build life-long resilience. They learn, simply, to meditate themselves.